iRULU, the digital and electronics outlet of USA111, unveiled the latest SpiritBook 1 Pro laptop for the 2017-2018 back to school year. The SpiritBook is super light, ultrathin, and ultraportable, and it is only sold in the United States (U.S).

In the subsequent sections, will examine and Review the ins and outs of the product. That will include everything from setup to how to get the laptop computer ready to go for usage. The computer comes included with a beautiful white box that includes an pAC power cord, and a quick start guide.

SpiritBook specs and what´s included

The company´s product comes loaded with Windows 10. It is high-definition (HD) and multi-touch. The SpiritBook comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed.

The hard drive space is 32GB and a 128GB extendable storage supported. The size of the screen is 12.5 inches and weighs about 2.3 pounds (1070 grams). The CPU processor is the Z8350 Quad-Core (1.44GHZ). Language configurations are the following: English, French, Spanish, German,Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Greek, etc.

It also includes HDMI (micro), bluetooth, two USB ports, I/P ports and earphone jack. Screen resolution is 1366x768. It also includes a built-in mic and camera for today´s active users for the social web.

First impressions, design, setup and other specs

Upon unpacking the laptop, it was clear the portability and lightweight is a huge selling point.

Once upon a time, laptops used to be clunky and heavy. Nowadays they are very easy to carry anywhere.

The SpiritBook can be ordered in black or white color finish. The listed price is at $179.99 and previously sold at $295.99. It represents 40 percent savings, which is an attractive selling price for parents looking to maximize their budget for school supplies.

Once you power-up the SpiritBook, the process is approximately ten steps. This process included choosing a language, enabling WiFi, choosing a region, agreeing to the license agreement, sign-in with a Microsoft account, creating a pin, save files to OneDrive, updating, and finish setup.

Given the size of the laptop, one thing it does not include is the numeric keypad. So, you can still manage without it and use the alphanumeric keys.

Takeaways and verdict

Once The laptop completes the initial configuration and setup, the SpiritBook can be designed for web browsing, checking email, and checking social media. You can open multiple tabs, and watch YouTube videos at a crisp resolution.

It is not equipped to do video editing, gaming, or designing.

In other words, it cannot carry out robust computing but gets the job done.

Finally, depending on your needs, remember to check the requisites needed before purchasing the laptop. It may not fulfill very specific requirements, so do your homework.

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