Do you want to go for a romantic dinner on a Saturday night? If so, then you will possibly use some sort of smartphone app to find available tables or perhaps a business that delivers to your house. Meanwhile, you see an online advertisement that offers you for a free ride to the restaurant itself. What would you choose? Obviously, most people will go with the offer of a free ride, meaning the other restaurants will ultimately lose some customers.

Low-cost self-driving cars

Such interesting scenarios can become real in the upcoming era of smart cars.

According to experts, the cost of the autonomous vehicles will be so low that business corporations and even small business owners can use them to offer free-rides to their customers.

The most important and cost worthy phenomenon in public transport is the drivers themselves. When no one needs to be paid, then surely the cost of the entire operation will be reduced significantly. Hence, the self-driving cars will offer much lower prices as compared to public transport.

Moreover, there will be a huge number of businesses that will be wishing to make the most of it.

Hackers selling Instagram users Emails and Phone contacts

Earlier this week, the social networking platform 'Instagram' notified its registered users of a security lapse.

Users of the social network 'Instagram' were already told by the management that the security flaw can allow the hackers to access their private information.

A few hours after notifying their user-base, the social platform announced that they had fixed the security breach and that there was no further need to worry. However, a week after the security breach, there is information floating around the web that the hack was a success as it appears they managed to steal the confidential data they were looking for on the social network's servers.

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Confidential data on the Darknet

Officials told CNN that they are aware of several groups of individuals that are attempting to sell the stolen data on the Darknet. Allegedly, the hackers are selling the stolen Instagram account information at the rate of $10 per account on the Darknet, which is not accessible with mainstream browsers.

The social network is reportedly in contact with several law enforcement agencies who are looking to assist in taking the hackers down.

The alleged hackers claim to have the entire database which consists of more than 6 million users. Moreover, Facebook, the actual owner of Instagram, has declined to comment on the security breach. This Privacy Breach case of Instagram's was first reported after actress Selena Gomez's Instagram account was hacked and Justin Bieber's private photos were posted to her profile.