American Horror Story is making millions of dollars by keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Six seasons down the line, the show still manages to surprise many, thanks to the creative minds of its writers. The TV show’s seventh season premiered on Tuesday, 5 September with the episode titled, “Election Night.” Those who saw it will agree that the narration-style of the series remains the same. The latest installment, it seems, will be based in a modern-day, political arena.

Everything you need to know

According to a report by Vulture, there are many people in America who are still jilted by the fact that Donald Trump is actually running the presidency.

Dozens of them took to numerous social media platforms to express their disappointment over this. The majority of the nation’s population definitely finds the current scenario horrible and the writers of “American Horror Story,” decided to emphasize the “horror” aspect of it. Two main protagonists of the show, Ally and Kai were carried forward in the seventh season.

Brainchild of Peters and Paulson

The brainchild of writers, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, they come across as wiser with age. The latest episode, according to a report by Den Of Geek, is authored by Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Extreme reactions to Donald Trump being elected as president of the U.S were recorded in the first episode.

Trump's presidency relation to the show

As noted by Variety, the episode begins with a scene wherein Ally and her wife, Ivy (played by actress Alison Pill) are watching television. They are seen delivering horror-filled reactions after discovering that Trump has won the 2016 elections. The fellow characters begin discussing could possibly have led to his win, and this starts the blame-game among them.

The scene immediately switches to Kai, who is alone and is seen hardly affected by the news. Later, Kai and her friend, Winter are seen initiating some kind of a “pinky” promise. It hasn’t been revealed what exactly follows after this. This is a glimpse into how “American Horror Story,” Season 7 is introduced to the public.

Viewers will find a connection with the show, as it is inspired by certain real-life events. The characters are made more unpredictable than ever before. Take, for instance, Winter – as it is truly difficult to pinpoint her ulterior motive in the first episode itself. The next episode is scheduled to air next week.