Samsung is on the verge of taking the wraps off its next flagship smartphone and Galaxy fans are already going berserk over the looming arrival of the long-rumored phablet.

Latest news, updates, and rumor roundup

As expected, the Internet is rife with all sorts of leaks surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. The expectations are skyrocketing and the rumor mill continues spinning around more stuff to fuel the hype. Lining with this, an image of what multiple sources deem as the screen cover of the Note 8 found its way onto the internet last month.

While there's no dearth of rumors floating around about the Note 8, a shred of information that surfaced online last week hit smartphone enthusiasts like ton of bricks. The report indicated that the upcoming phablet's much-lauded feature will not be a part of the final design. Although nothing was set in stone at the time, a couple of new leaks seem to reinforce the speculation.

Latest leaks and other details

Case Maker Slickwraps' Chief Executive Jonathan Endicott took to his Twitter handle to reveal a rudimentary CAD of the hotly anticipated successor to the Note 7 smartphone. The revelation points to Samsung's failure in terms of integrating fingerprint reader into the screen. Instead, the South Korean handset maker will attempt to divert users' attention by taking care of arguably the biggest carping of the recently released Galaxy S8 and its larger sibling, the Galaxy S8 Plus.

According to the CAD, Samsung has increased the space between the rear-mounted fingerprint reader and the rear camera. In other words, users won't end up smudging their camera lens time and again, something the company claims happens so often with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus that it added a formal warning that users should not forget to clean their camera lens.

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Next, Mobile Fun got in touch with Forbes' contributor Gordon Kelly to confirm it has acquired Samsung's official cases for the long-rumored Galaxy Note 8. While the company refrained from sharing images, Mobile Fun revealed there are 21 cases allocated across six different ranges which comprise basic and leather cases, two-piece support cases as well as cases which retain Samsung's ‘LED view’ preview feature.

The site told Kelly that the unpopular 'Pop Covers' are slated to make a return as well. Aside from that, the next Galaxy Note-branded smartphone will be up for grabs in a slew of color options including Gold, Silver, Black, Deep Blue, and Orchid Grey.

Moreover, case RRPs have increased from the controversy-plagued Galaxy Note 7, meaning, the Galaxy Note 8 is likely to carry a steeper price tag than the S8 range of smartphones. The site also confirmed that the fingerprint sensor is placed on the back and will not be embedded into the main screen, as confirmed by earlier reports.

It remains to be seen if Samsung has done enough to lure users away from the equally anticipated iPhone 8, which is scheduled to hit the store shelves around the same time. There's a possibility that Samsung’s Infinity Display design might tempt smartphone fanatics as it is not only the best but also the most awe-inspiring display on smartphones at this time.