In a recently-rolled out trailer for "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon," Nintendo seems to be leaving no stone unturned in a bid to tease the form of Dawn Wings Necrozma / Dusk Mane Necrozma, based on which Legendary creature you get your hands on in the game.

Apparently, Necrozma has another form, which is encased in a shining light; however, the Japanese video game maker seems to be in no mood to divulge more details about the never-before-seen Pokemon form at the moment. As a result, the internet is brimming with all sorts of speculations that stem from the new trailer.

What more does the trailer reveal?

As players advance in "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon," they'll encounter the mysteries of Necrozma's latest form, specifically Ultra Megalopolis and its unrevealed details. These secrets are accessible through the grotesque Ultra Wormholes.

Aside from that, the new trailer also sheds more light on BP (Battle Points). BPs come in handy when teaching Pokemon skills that they do not acquire just by leveling up or with the help of a TM (Technical Machine).

This is quite an interesting system that recompenses players in the form of points as they go on completing battles at multiple points during the game. Additionally, the system is likely to give an interesting new layer of a plan of action to the game as this is the only way players can obtain these moves Watch the new trailer ahead of the game's scheduled release this Friday, November 17.

More details

While the previously released Pokemon titles including "Pokemon Black and White 2," only replaced the main story of the popular game without modifying the original lineup of Pokemon, "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon" can be safely deemed as the first main series Pokemon-themed game that marks the arrival of brand new creatures.

The game features more than 802 Pokemon that players can capture. A slew of new Pokemon including Ultra Necrozma was lately found by some hawk-eyed data miners of the game.

According to a report by DotEsports, Ultra Necrozma is nearly confirmed to be featured in the game. However, it remains to be seen exactly how players will be able to use the Pokemon during battles.

Moreover, the trailer confirms the addition of one of the most requested features known as Move Tutors, which are basically non-player characters who train a Pokemon to use specific moves that they could never learn merely from leveling up.

The Move Tutor was not included in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," leaving several fans disappointed. A Move Tutor is very important when it comes to creating a unique Pokemon for taking on other monsters.