Fingerprint scanners and dual cameras are just some of the smartphone’s features that we all take for granted today. There came a time that these technologies were only ideas by phone manufacturers and were highly anticipated by many prior to its release.

Today, it has become almost a standard to a smartphone to have these features whether it’s a flagship device or a cheap alternative.

However, smartphone technology has no plans of slowing down and there are new ones just on the horizon as developers are constantly thinking of new ways to improve the device.

Here are some of the new and exciting technologies on your smartphone that may arrive in the coming months or years.

Foldable smartphones

You may have heard about folding screens for several years now and probably wondering when is it exactly going to come out. There is no exact date yet for the arrival of bendable displays, the good news is it might be sooner than you think.

According to reports, there is already a working prototype from Lenovo while Samsung unveiled its stretchable display during this year’s Society for Information conference in Los Angeles.

This looks really promising as folding display means that the screen won’t crack anymore when force is applied and will only bend and stretch.

Invisible fingerprint scanners

Back in the day, fingerprint scanners were only used in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Today, it has become a part of our daily lives and most people don’t even think about it when unlocking their smartphones.

Now, developers are taking the Fingerprint Scanner to another level as the physical sensor will be hidden underneath the display in the future.

The smartphone’s screen is becoming bigger every year and developers are starting to make room for more display by taking away most of its physical buttons, including the fingerprint scanner. Rather than moving the same at the back, OEMs think that it would be more interesting to have it underneath the screen.

Notable manufacturers such as Samsung and LG are reportedly working on this technology.

More recently, Vivo demoed Qualcomm’s next generation of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners that can read fingerprints through thick glass and aluminum.

Zoom lens cameras

For those people that are into photography, this should be good news as OEMs are starting to focus more on how their cameras zoom in rather than thinking of how many more megapixels can be crammed in the camera.

While there are third-party accessories for the smartphone to improve zoom capabilities, it’s still an inconvenience to carry around additional accessories rather than having the capability built-in the device.

Oppo is reportedly working on a 5x dual camera zoom called Precision Optical Zoom. This is a significant improvement compared to the 2x camera zoom that other OEMs are sporting.

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