Do you remember the time when our cell phones could only make calls and send text messages? These days we use our smartphones pretty much for everything, from watching movies, playing games, streaming music and of course, to taking pictures and shooting videos.

But did you know that your smartphone Camera can do so much more other than taking picture taking and videos? Here are some of the things your camera can do that you may not know about.

You can scan documents with your phone’s camera

A Scanner is a very useful tool especially in offices where making multiple copies of certain documents are done frequently.

However, a scanner can be quite expensive and bulky to keep around your room. Did you know that a device in your pocket can do the exact same thing a scanner can?

That’s right; your smartphone can be used to scan documents which can be saved as PDFs. With the right app, such as Genius Scan or Evernote Scannable, just point your camera at the document you want to scan and click away.

Your camera can translate languages

If you download the Google Translate app, you will be amazed what your camera is capable of. With this app, your camera can read and translate signs in foreign languages. Just point at any signs written in a foreign language and the app will automatically translate that sign for you.

The app even uses the same font and style when it displays the translation on your camera. This is ideal for travelers visiting other countries.

Use your old smartphone as a security camera

Most people upgrade their smartphones every other year just to keep up with the latest trends in handheld devices. But what do they do with their old smartphones?

Some might sell them for a much lower value, or if you’re a security-minded person, you can turn your old smartphone into a security camera for your home.

Just download and install the app called Manything, which uses a smartphone camera to monitor your kids, your home or even pets.

The app has programmable motion detection zones, time-lapse, cloud-based DVR, and live streaming.

Just use your current smartphone as your remote viewer and controller and you have yourself a surveillance system, a cheap one at that.

In addition, you may also use your camera as a magnifying glass when you happen to leave your eyeglasses and need to read something immediately. Just point your camera and use the zoom to make small texts bigger for you to read.

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