Google Home, the voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant is available for purchase at a special discounted rate. The discount is being offered to celebrate the occasion of Mothers Day, which is celebrated on May 14.

Retailers discount Google's smart speaker

The smart speaker from Google is normally priced at $129, but in order to celebrate the occasion Best Buy, Verizon, Google Store, and more are offering the device at a discounted rate. They are offering $15 off on the original price. With the discount, the current price stands at $114.

The discount is there only for a limited period. Both Best Buy and Verizon are offering free 2-daysshipping along with the discount. Retailers like Newegg are throwing in a $20 gift card along with the discount. This is a lucrative deal and one that should not be missed. One can either gift the Google Home to their mother or can purchase it for their own use.

Features of Google Home

The voice-activated speaker from Google, is a handy little device to have around the home. It can not only tell you what the weather is like, but post the new update can even assist you while cooking. Yes, the Google Home can read out recipes with the help of the Assistant.

Ask it questions or belt out commands to the smart speaker and it will help you swiftly.

With the support for multiple users, the smart speaker has the power to identify your voice from the crowd. Thus, making the experience more personalized and at the same super convenient.

Google Home is a personal assistant

One can also command Google Home to play their favorite songs from Google Play Music, YouTube Music or any other application of their choice.

Enjoy news, podcasts, radio, music, all on one device. Users can also stream their speaker to TV with the help of Chromecast.

One can also get updates on weather, traffic, news, just by saying, “Ok Google, what is today’s weather?” Users can also ask the smart speaker for translations, facts and info’s, the meaning of a particular word, with the help of Assistant.

Not only this, one can use the Google Home as their own personalized assistant to set and alarm or even advise the user about local traffic conditions.

Multiple color options

The smart speaker is generally available in seven colors such as orange, purple, green, black, and white to name a few. With the availability of so many color options, it won't be difficult to find one in mom's favorite color.