Apple could potentially take a conservative approach when it makes its TV debut in 2019. According to a Bloomberg report, the Apple team responsible for the content programming was strictly told by Tim Cook to keep off any risqué content from the shows. Cook apparently directed the programming team to assert that they Steer Clear of making any references to vaginal hygiene and foul language in some episodes of Carpool Karaoke. This TV series features Hollywood actresses and celebrities Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chelsea Handler, and Blake Shelton driving around Los Angeles while cracking jokes among themselves.

Apple adopts a conservative approach

The report also claims that the company wants the shows it will produce to be suitable for the Apple Store. This indirectly means that the shows will not have foul and abusive language, nudity, violence, and explicit sexual content. Keeping in line with this conservative approach, Apple has apparently turned down Hollywood directors and producers who pitched content containing one or all of the above. Bloomberg reports that Alfonso Cuarón’s 8-part series "Children of Men" was also turned down as it would have racy content.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is looking to make its TV debut in 2019 with a handful of shows. While the first few shows such as “Carpool Karaoke: The Series” and “Planet of the Apps,” will be released on Apple Music, the new shows debuting in 2019 will not be released on the platform.

Apple Music will be kept limited to host music-related documentaries and videos.

‘Carpool Karaoke: The Series’ delayed due to the traditional approach?

Bloomberg reports that the delay can be blamed to the traditional mindset Apple has adopted regarding the TV content. While it was widely reported that the TV series would be made available on Apple Music in April this year, it got delayed to August.

The delay was due to the Cupertino-based company wanting to make certain alterations to some episodes of the show in keeping with its policies. Bloomberg claims that apart from shooting additional episodes of the show, the Apple team had to conduct several edits to fill the gaps.

However, upon its release in August, even after so much hard work, the show failed to create much sensation with the audience.

Apple has a huge budget of $1 billion, which it has kept aside for investing in creating original TV Shows for its debut in 2019. To fulfill the goal, the company has already roped in top names from the programming industry to take on projects for the imminent debut.