Riot Games have revealed their latest legendary skin, the Pulsefire Caitlyn skin, which has now been released to the PBE server. This is the second skin in the Pulsefire series, with Ezreal's ultimate skin being the first of its kind.

Pulsefire Ezreal was initially released back in 2012 but is now getting a visual update to justify its price tag in an ever-changing game. Gameplay footage for both Pulsefire skins has already been uploaded to various channels on YouTube. These videos showcase the skins' updated SFX and particle effects.

Pulsefire Caitlyn revealed on Twitter

The official "League of Legends" Twitter account has posted a preview video of the highly anticipated Pulsefire Caitlyn skin. This skin is set to be classified as a legendary skin and will cost 1820 RP.

As with all legendary skins, Pulsefire Caitlyn features a new model, texture, splash image, animations, visuals, voice over, and sounds. However, the revealed skin may not be final.

The Pulsefire skin will be Caitlyn's first legendary skin and with what has been revealed so far, fans of the marksman will surely looking forward to its release on the live server.

Pulsefire Ezreal is clearly outdated

Ezreal was the first champion in "League of Legends" to receive an ultimate skin. According to Riot Games, ultimate skins are "a complete reimagining of a champion that includes an evolved model and additional features and bonuses." Players who purchase an ultimate skin will also receive a brand new summoner icon.

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As of now, Riot Games have only released three ultimate skins, including Spirit Guard Udyr, DJ Sona, and the aforementioned Pulsefire Ezreal. Compared to the two newer skins, which were released in 2013 and 2015 respectively, Pulsefire Ezreal is clearly outdated and no longer warrants its price tag of 3250 RP.

SkinSpotlights have uploaded in-depth footage of both Pulsefire skins

As previously mentioned, Pulsefire Ezreal is set to receive an update to justify its status as an ultimate skin. The popular YouTube channel SkinSpotlights has now uploaded in-game footage for both Pulsefire skins.

Pulsefire Ezreal has received various visual tweaks and updated particle effects.

Regardless, many "League of Legends" player are still dissatisfied with the skin and believe that some of the newer legendary skins are just as good, if not better.

The reaction to Caitlyn's new legendary skin, on the other hand, has been overwhelmingly positive. You can check it out in the video below.