Google Meet, a new video conferencing application identical to that of the Google Hangouts has been launched. Exclusively designed for Hd Video meetings, the official website located at '' prompts you to provide a code for joining the meeting. If you select the option, you will view a new dialog, where you need to enter the session ID but there is no information about how to obtain it. As of this writing, the mobile app of the 'Meet' is available on the Apple iTunes App Store with a rank of 1177 in the Business category.

Homepage of Meet resembles Google Hangouts

The management page of the tool is identical to that of the Google Hangouts. However, you will not be able to view options for initiating a phone call or a text-based messaging. We can infer that the 'Google Meet' is part of the GSuite package. Although we can spot a reference to the new tool on the GSuite web address, the page doesn't exist since it returns a 404 error. You should note that 'Meet' doesn't work with Microsoft Edge.

Meet to provide support for up to 30 users

Based on the initial impressions and leaked screenshots, the 'Meet' is dubbed as an alternative to Hangouts and is aimed at business and enterprise users. Moreover, the new web-based tool will have a capability to offer group video calls in an extended mode with support for HD video-based meetings with up to 30 participants.

Google Meet helps you to simplify access to calls by introducing dial-in numbers for people on the go in addition to Gmail and Calendar integration. Moreover, you will be able to generate links, which you can share with your friends using which they can interact with you.

Meet will have a Comprehensive management page

The dashboard of the Google Meet app displays a list of all your scheduled meetings including time, location, subject, attendees and more.

You need to click on a green Join button to participate in a meeting from your smartphone. You will be able to view the video chat interface, where you will see options for muting your call or switch off video.

If you are attending a large conference, you will find the main window at the top where you can find an extensive list of all the participants, names with emails. Meanwhile, Dial-in numbers option are available only to G Suite Enterprise Edition customers.