Google Home has been coming up with some exciting features to help users cope up with their daily chores. On Wednesday, April 26, Google shared that its Smart Speaker would enlist the help of the Google Assistant to aid users while cooking. Going forward, Google Home users would be able to prepare their favorite recipe with the help of the Assistant, which will read them out.

Users will have over 5 million recipes from popular cooking sites like Food Network, the New York Times, All Recipes, and more at their disposal. You will also be able to listen to step-by-step instructions to create your favorite dishes in the kitchen.

The best part of this feature is that you need not sift through several pages or scroll through different tabs like you need to when reading a recipe on your tablet or phone.

How to enjoy recipes on Google Home?

The first step is to choose a method. After this, Android device users can activate Google Assistant or iOS, and Android users can peruse Google Search and select a recipe. Once the recipe has been chosen, click on “Send to Google Home” button. This saves the recipe automatically.

Now comes the best part, after selecting the recipe and saving it, it’s time to prepare the dish. To start cooking one needs to instruct “Ok Google, start cooking,” or even “Ok Google, initiate the recipe.” If you miss out any particular step, you can revisit it easily.

You simply need to say “Ok Google, repeat,” or “Ok Google, what’s step two or three?” With this method, one can get hold of the missed step easily.

Moreover, while preparing the dish one can also get Google Assistant to do other things. It can play music on the Google Home; you can also set a timer and carry on with the work.

The new feature will undoubtedly make life in the kitchen simpler for users. The nifty little feature will enable users to try out recipes without the hassle of referring and forth.

When will this update become available?

Google confirmed that the feature would be pushed out in the coming week. The company asserts that those who do not receive the update can check for it later.

You need not set up the device; you can simply start Google Home and belt out instructions to begin cooking!

With the inclusion of the new feature, Google is hoping to challenge rival Amazon Echo. Whether the update will draw more consumers to Google Home remains to be seen. Users can have a look at the video below, which showcases how the new feature will work.