In 2016, Facebook introduced the enterprise software called the workplace. For the unfamiliar, the Workplace is a Social Networking Site designed especially for businesses and organizations to connect. Facebook has in its kitty 30,000 organizations who use the service. The number is up from 1,000 businesses that it had on its network in 2016.

On Thursday, October 26, apart from announcing its growth, Facebook upgraded the enterprise software by releasing a new desktop app for Workplace Chat. The new app has innovative features such as screen sharing.

Shortly, it will also feature a provision for Group Video Chatting. The feature would be significant upgrade as it would allow users to create chat rooms that can accommodate 50 people virtually. It would also bring interactive video chat session, as well as video conferencing. The upgrade also includes a desktop-based chat app. This lets user’s message each other between group video chats, negating the need to open Facebook on their browser.

Facebook credits Workplace growth to big names

Simon Cross, the product manager for Facebook's Workplace, shared that the platform's early success can be attributed to big names that started using the feature in its launch year. Some of these known brands are Delta, Starbucks, Spotify, Lyft, and Heineken.

The team at Workplace has also been successful in signing up Walmart as a user. The inclusion of these well-known organization in its kitty allowed the enterprise service to gain credibility. It also made a significant difference in how other companies viewed it as a service.

Currently, Workplace is used in 79 different languages by users all over the world.

Facebook is looking at aggressively expanding the team and has posted job listings for sales staff and growth managers. Facebook also updated the overall look and design of the enterprise software, giving it a simpler interface and making it consistent across all platforms such as desktop, web, iOS, and Android.

Facebook aiming to expand Workplace to support pay-per-user model

Facebook aims to make Workplace more user-friendly by making sure everyone is using it. The firm is currently focusing on increasing the number of people who are using the enterprise software as it would favor Facebook's pay-per-user business model. The social networking site is yet to reveal how much money it earns through the enterprise software. Workplace users are currently charged on a monthly basis