Rakan and Xayah are two new Champions for the most played MOBA game called "League of Legends." This is peculiar for Riot games because they released two champions in one sitting. However, for those fans waiting for a long time, this is good news, especially for couples/partners playing the game. The synergy of the two Champions is unmatched with proper skill and gameplay. Xayah focuses more on offensive agility while Rakan focuses more on defense and support.

When the two meet on the battlefield, the bonds grow stronger and they are an intangible force.

Of course, Xayah's skills are mostly focused on ADC (attack damage carry/ranged) while Rakan's mostly focus on tank and support. The lovebirds come from the region of Vastaya, and with the combo of Rakan the Charmer and Xayah the Rebel, they are a match made from heaven.

Xayah's skills

Her skills make use of the feathers she has and shoots them at opponents. In turn, as the feathers hit their mark behind the opponent, she then can reel it back to her for extra damage---kind of like Kalista's "Pierce" attacks with the skill "Rend," but can be evaded. Her skills are the following with a video below:

  • Clean Cuts (Passive)
  • Double Daggers
  • Deadly Plumage
  • Bladecaller
  • Featherstorm

Rakan's skills

His skills protect those who are in need of help such as those who wish to slow an opponent down.

As a support and tank, he can take numerous damage provided that he has the right items. When Rakan and Xayah meet, a special bond will occur during battle. Moreover, his skills can also maneuver through allies quickly should they need help. His skills are just like Ahri's ultimate but pointed on allies instead while Rakan's ultimate deals both damage and Ahri's Charm-like skill on enemies.

His skills are the following with a video below:

  • Fey Feathers (Passive)
  • Gleaming Quill
  • Grand Entrance
  • Battle Dance
  • The Quickness

When it comes to love, "League of Legends" is sure flexible on numerous things including unique stories that serve as backbones to each Champions Riot is revealing. In addition, when Rakan and Xayah meet to recall together, there is a special interaction that will happen between the two that shows their love.

Lastly, their voices and reactions in battle are the proof why they are a perfect Vastayan pair. This is why Riot always surprises everyone with something new aside from new Champion skins and events. Players will wait for what Riot has on their sleeves. Multiplayer games are slowly expanding their horizons.