Unknown Worlds released their latest update, the "Cuddle Fish update," that adds a cute little companion. Following the previous update that added the new and horrifying sea creature called "Ghost Leviathan," the developer's new update lightens the mood. A Cuddlefish is a friendly sea creature that treats players as their parent and family. This happens when players find its egg in deep labyrinths or around the in-game world. Players should keep their eyes open to find one. These eggs can then be incubated in the "Alien Containment module" to hatch a Cuddle Fish.

Along with this cute creature, new HUD interfaces have been added in "Subnautica" as well. These upgraded displays include upgraded modules to the following vehicles and helpful mechanisms: The Prawn, The Seamoth, The Cyclops, and remotely operated cameras in the Scanner Room. Here is the trailer below via Subnautica channel in YouTube:

Shaping up to be good

"Subnautica" is slowly shaping up to be the best underwater-adventure and survival game that people are looking for. Now, the recent performance updates and new interface make this game a better version than its predecessors. As mentioned before with the Cuddlefish update, major HUD makeovers are added in the game. These include changes on the HUD of the Prawn, Cyclops, and Seamoth, so players can track the levels of their oxygen, energy, health, and hunger easily.

A player's Cuddlefish can be right-clicked to tell it to follow you and can be right-clicked again to tell it to stay in place. On the other hand, left-clicking the cute critter will perform a cute interaction. This is a good companion to be with, especially when the in-game world is vast and one human is on a strange planet.

Cuteness and happiness are guaranteed with this update.

On the Xbox version

While major changes are added in the game, the Xbox version of "Subnautica" will be adding the same update soon. This is the reason why they've said on their official website that players should watch their Twitter account. Critical announcements will be posted there.

Meanwhile, for players and fans who loved the soundtrack used in the announcement trailer above, the creators even posted a Soundcloud track for it for download. Here is the Twitter post below:

A Cuddlefish can also high-five a player, which makes the game more awesome. Hopefully, more updates will come rushing through in the future. For now, let's find those Cuddlefish eggs!