Square Enix revealed the famous Blitz-baller and father of Tidus (named Jecht) last August. Recently, they revealed a new character that will be joining the villains -- the time-compressing sorceress Ultimecia from "Final Fantasy VIII." Jecht proved himself worthy with his skills in close quarters, along with the medium-range skills he earned in his game of Blitz ball. On the other hand, Ultimecia is well-known for her medium to long-range attacks that slowly reduce bravery points. In addition, she is deceptive in terms of attack style, much like Kuja.

Here is the trailer below via the Square Enix YouTube channel:

Skills and abilities

First, Ultimecia's skills make use of axes and swords. All of her attacks are projectiles and opponents should be careful when they get hit with only one. One hit can cause another chain of attacks. One example, her close range attack is called "Knight's Lance," which strikes from the ground or midair, depending on the position. This can surprise the opponent with a swift strike. Second, her mid-range attacks are the following: "Knight's Axe," "Knights Sword" and "Knight's Arrow." First, "Knight's Axe" gains damage and size the longer it travels. Second, "Knight's Sword" is a chain-attack that deals continuous damage to the target, the longer the player taps the button.

Third, "Knight's Arrow" is the same as "Knight's Sword" but this skill rises and strikes opponents from above.

Moving on to her "Finisher" skills, these are the following: "Shockwave Pulsar," "Great Attractor," "Apocalypse" and "Hell's Judgment." First, "Shockwave Pulsar" is a ball of energy that sucks opponents and explodes on contact.

This perfect for distracting the enemy while preparing for another chain of attacks. Second, "Great Attractor" is a charge spell that takes time to cast. However, the longer the player charges the spell, the bigger the orb gets. Third, "Apocalypse" is a crest-spell that appears underneath the enemy and blasts them upward.

The same goes with "Hell's Judgment" but bounces on walls and floors until it closes on the enemy for the same effect as "Apocalypse."

It could be Golbez

While Ultimecia struts her long red gown with plunging neckline, another character will be revealed next month. As what was discussed before, the next month's addition could be Golbez on the villain's side. This villain is not that mysterious because the teaser revealed his huge silhouette, which is easily recognizable. For now, fans should wait what Square Enix has in stall for them. As for the upcoming game for the PlayStation 4 entitled "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT," the same additions will be added soon.