Left 4 Dead” is a zombie shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game has become very popular since it was released. The second installment has received the same reception from fans and even earned a perfect 10/10 ratings on Steam. It has been a while since Valve has made another offering for the game and you can hear fans yearning for the next installment of the zombie shooter game.

The good news is “Left 4 Dead 3” is in development right now. However, Valve has been very cagey about any information. Several sources, however, claimed that the team has been rolling out boosts in the game’s engine department.

In addition, there would be additional horror elements that will be featured to the gameplay.

Enhanced gaming experience

It was in 2013, during an office tour that Valve revealed about developing “Left 4 Dead 3.” With 4 years of perfecting the game, fans can expect massive improvements as compared to the previous series. There is also a possibility of a Virtual Reality Mode. This speculation stemmed from the company's recent announcement that it has three full Virtual Reality titles in the development. The game is also expected to bring more refined mechanics and weapons as well as smoother gameplay with more gore and blood.

PS4, Xbox One, and PC support

Apart from enhancements and major improvements, most likely support for PS4, PC and Xbox will be provided as well.

It is also worth noting that one of the biggest video game trade shows is set in June. It is possible that the company could use it as a venue to launch the game, like what it did to the game’s second installment in 2009. Furthermore, with the E3 event open now to the public, the studio might want to take advantage of the greater number of visitors that will attend.

Game story and characters

The opening scene will reveal the first day of the virus eruption and a month after the infection. According to several reports, there will be four main characters in the game and one is a female named Catherine. In addition, these characters could reflect similarities to that of the second installment contrasting only in personalities and attitudes.

There are several claims that in-depth character customization might be introduced in the upcoming game.

With almost a decade from its previous release, the studio should deliver what the fans are anticipating. “Left 4 Dead 3” must feature important changes in the game while intensifying if not preserving the horror, and excitement that fans have grown to love in the game.