The reentry of the Nes Classic in the market was well received by fans. Actually, the term well received is an understatement of what the old console has achieved so far. When the gaming console was reintroduced to the market, it was sold out before it was even released. In addition, replenishing of stocks only lasts minutes before they were gone. That kind of feat is impressive that other competing gaming consoles would want to have for themselves.

The mini-Mega Drive

This, however, was not allowed by sega to last unanswered. Nintendo’s old rival is offering to the gaming market another nostalgic device in the form of mini-Mega Drive.

At the Comic Con, the Tokyo-based video game developer announced the production of its Genesis or more popularly known as the Mega Drive, which includes 80 games. The console will be sold below $90 per unit.


In truth, Atgames is the one responsible for producing the console for several years already. In 2001, Sega stopped making it and authorized AtGames to handle it. The company is specializing in retro consoles in operating its franchise. The news must be, AtGames re-launching the production of mini-Mega Drive and gears up for its potential release on September 15.

Games included

Among the games that will be released on the upcoming console are Bubble Master, Dominant Amber, Eternal Champions.

Popular games such as Sonic 3D Blast and Phantasy Star 2 and 3 are also expected to be included. Plumbing Contest, Wall-Breaking, and Yawning Triceratops will also be available for gamers.

In one of its reports, Polygon noted that the retro gaming device has several issues including almost unbearable latency on the display and numerous sound problems.

In addition, there is also a problem with the console’s infrared, which requires users to physically point it directly to the device.

The device also lacks the HDMI connection, which limits users to a single AV port. The only thing that this console have that the NES missed is the support for original controllers and cartridges. As of this writing, it is unknown if AtGames has already improved the device but the 2013 version will not allow users to save the game just like NES.