After almost a year of speculation and prediction, finally, a confirmed reveal is just a few days away. In our article published on April 2, we reported a potential reveal earlier than the heavily speculated E3 2017 announcement. In fact, we quoted Jez Corden’s twitter post claiming that the Xbox Scorpio will be revealed this Thursday.

Digital Foundry announcement

Digital Foundry took to Twitter an important and long overdue announcement about Microsoft’s Beast. The post confirmed that on April 6, they would exclusively handle the official revealing of Xbox Scorpio starting at 2 PM UK time/6 AM PST or 9 AM EST.

Digital Foundry is the hub of video game experts on the Internet. It is one of the major reasons why Microsoft chose the platform for the reveal. It can be recalled that the company has been very vocal about what the latest console is capable of. Labeling it as the most powerful console is a marketing claim that a company with the stature of Microsoft cannot just throw around lightly.

Digital Foundry as an organization is credible enough to evaluate the statement of the Redmond-based tech giant. The reveal would possibly involve the hardware of the upcoming mega-console. The titles and other exclusives would most likely be revealed during E3 2017. Either way, any further, revealing information regarding this highly-anticipated console will only be welcomed by fans moving forward.

Known specs and features

Currently, the general knowledge about the Xbox Scorpio is that it will host a true 4K gaming and will run at 6 teraflops of graphical power surpassing the 4.2 teraflops of PlayStation 4 Pro. It was also revealed that it would have 12 GB of GDDR5 memory. The device can accommodate all Xbox One games and accessories.

It will replace the Xbox One S as the company’s flagship device.

The unveiling on April 6 will tell us if the beast is using the latest AMD Ryzen processors. Moreover, we will also know the exact power of the console that the company plans to equip upon its release.