"Sniper Vs Thieves", a game by Playstack, is new to the mobile Game Industry. Currently is on early released for Android devices even though it got on Google Play store in November of 2016. The purpose of the game is to become rich or die trying. The game is brand new and already has more than one million installs — that shows that the game has a great potential.


"Snipers vs Thieves" is a real-time multiplayer heist game where you protect your money as a deadly "Sniper" or steal from other as a gang of filthy "Thieves"! After you finish the tutorial, you can always pick to either be a "Thieve" or a "Sniper" after every round you can always change.

If you become a "Sniper" you have to try to snipe down the "Thieves" that are trying to escape with some of your money. On the other hand, if you are a thief, you come with three other "Thieves" either random players or friends. Together you try to escape by getting into the van with the "Sniper's" money without him killing you or the police coming after one minute making you have limited time.

You can also work your way up the ranks and join a "Cartel" with friends to claim even bigger rewards. Teamwork and quick thinking will give you the chance to win game changing masks which allows you to have different dodge moves in "Thieve" mode.

There are also more disguises other than just the mask, but most of them are only used when you are a "Thieve".

Some disguises can help you be unnoticed by the "Sniper", for example, the car, bush, and even barrel all allow you to be covered up in one of those making the "Sniper" think that you are just an object while you steal the money.


The game always wants to be different every time by adding gadgets you can use while being a "Sniper" or even a "Thieve".

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You can buy different gadgets depending on which mode you chose. For example, if you are a "Sniper" the gadgets will help you kill the "Thieves". The "Thieves" on the other hand, can buy gadgets to help them stay alive.

There are at least six different maps including the docks, downtown, and the fields. The maps are picked at random by the game and give it more variety. Each map is different and each map has its tricks. If you need help I hope 'Deathly Barb' can help.