Supercell has recently shown the new things coming to "clash royale" really soon! They showed that there would be a new 2 versus 2 game mode, 4 new cards, and a new arena coming to the game this month! They want to do this update because it's the game first anniversary, and they want to make it more special for all the people that play the game.

2 versus 2 Game mode

There is going to be a new game mode called '2 versus 2' game mode which is the first ever mode in which you and someone else can fight together. The 2 versus 2 game mode is coming with a new Team Clan Chest that is like the normal Clan Chest but with the difference being that the only way to earn crowns is by winning in the new game mode.

This game mode will come to the game on March 24th and will be really fun.

4 new cards

There are 4 new cards coming to the game really soon. The first is the "Bandit" which is a legendary and will be the first of the new card coming. It will be on the game on march 24 but a week before, there would be a new "Bandit Draft Challenge"! The other legendary coming to the game is going to be called the "Night Witch" which is like the normal witch but will cost 4 elixirs, would not do splash, and instead of spawning skeletons, she will spawn "bats".

The only rare coming to the "Clash Royale" is the "Heal" which is just like the "Heal" spell from "Clash of Clans". To balance the card out, Supercell gave the card a really small radius and only heals a little.

The only common coming up is going to be called "Bats" and it is like the one elixir "skeletons" but costs 2 elixirs, is air, and comes in 5. The first card coming is going to be the "Bandit" and the others will follow later on.

New arena

To make the anniversary more special, Supercell decided to add a new arena which is going to be called "Legendary Arena" and the "Legendary Arena" now, will be called "Hog Mountain" because of the two "Hog Rider" statues. The new "Legendary Arena" will be a mixture of both, the "Royale Arena" and the "Hog Mountain" but with different colors.