clash of clans is getting ready fo a new update with new things such as the "Boat" which are coming really soon this month! Though the Update about the boat itself is a lot they think that they should add some new things and they would like to fix the game a bit by adding some balance changes!

Balance Changes

They are adding new things, there will be a new "Clone Spell" level five available at "town hall eleven". They did this because they think that the "Clone Spell" is a little under leveled and this new level will allow it to have "40 capacity" which can make you "2 dragons"!

There will also be a new "Freeze Spell" level six for also the "Town Hall eleven" players!

They made another level for the "Freeze Spell" because the "Eagle Artillery" is really strong and with a more lasting freeze, it would be balanced, "Supercell" will also make the costs and upgrade time for the spell lower since they are adding an extra level. There will be a new "Heal Spell" level seven but it will be available for "Town Hall tens", which just like the "Freeze Spell" it will also get a time and cost discount from its original prize because of the new levels they are adding.

Due to the new "Clone Spell" level, there would be a capacity increase for levels one through five for that spell, with the level three "Clone Spell" being available for "Town Hall tens" now!

They will also make the upgrades and their time cost less since they are adding more levels. The seventh "Goldmine and Elixir collector" will now be available for "Town Hall nines" which was for "Town Hall tens".

What to expect with "Supercell"

"Supercell" did this because they know that at "Town Hall nine" things start to cost a lot so why not allow them to gather resources a little faster with another "Goldmine and Elixir collector.

They will also increase the "Bomb's" damage because they want the "Bombs" to be able to kill "Wall-breakers" that are the same level as the "Bomb". The "Balloon" attack rate is increased, they are really used now but they are not giving enough value, so "Supercell" will now make them attack faster but will decrease its damage per second to make it balanced, this will make the "Balloon" start its attack slower but after that it will attack faster to balance it out.

In this video, "Deathly Barb" talks about the new "Boat" that is still coming to the game soon and also about the new balance changes which are said above but in a little more detail since he is actually inside the game.