PC gamers that thrive in the Steam marketplace will be seeing Dead Rising 4 on the service very soon. Capcom's zombie game will be coming out on March 14th and an 80-second game trailer can be seen on the store page. The game is also available for preorder, where consumers can save 20 percent on the retail price ($47.99 instead of $59.99). Dead Rising 4 was originally released back in December 2016 on Xbox One and exclusively in the Windows Store on PC, but Microsoft's timed exclusivity of the game has likely run out.

Why games like Dead Rising 4 aren't being held hostage

Last year, Microsoft looked to be entering a competition between other gaming storefronts like Steam and GOG.com. Considering most Steam users are tied with Microsoft Windows operating systems, the company shouldn't be too worried about shedding the exclusivity of games on their console. At the moment, the Xbox One continues to trail Sony's PlayStation 4 in terms of sales.

However, instead of putting these Xbox games on Steam's platform, they tucked them away in the much more limited Windows Store. Quantum Break struggled in sales and many players struggled to get Gears of War Ultimate Edition to even install properly. The latter game was the first exclusive release on the Universal Windows Platform, and it failed miserably.

Even when the game was installed, there was nothing but performance issues that hindered the experience.

Expect more games like Dead Rising 4 in Steam's store

Xbox president Phil Spencer admitted back in Summer 2016 that Steam will be seeing more games that are released for the Xbox One. While there was no announcement until today that this game would be available on Valve's service, it should come as no surprise.

Microsoft's games will continue to use the UWP, similar to how Ubisoft's games still require UPlay and EA's games are locked up under Origin. The good news is that Microsoft has been patching it to fix some of the complaints that users have had.

Dead Rising 4 has received generally favorable reviews during its initial release. As expected, most critics are tiring of the recurring themes but still found the game entertaining.