As you guys may have heard already, there is a new 2 versus 2 game mode coming to "clash royale," Supercell's newest game! Here you will learn about the new 2 versus 2 game mode coming up and the new balance update on march 24!

2 Versus 2 game mode

The 2 versus 2 game mode is a new game mode that will be coming to "Clash Royale" really soon. We don't really know when it will be coming but we can infer it's going to be when the leaked update will happen. Here are some facts about the 2 versus 2 game mode you want to know before you go out and attack with one of your clan-friends against another clan group.

First of all, you and our friend have different decks and both players will have the 10 elixir bar so if your friend plays a card you would not lose any elixir. If either you or your friend uses an elixir pump, only the one that placed it will be getting elixir, not both. You can see where your opponent's dragging their cards so you can get a little help and see their next move. Buffers like "Rage" are shared between you and your partner are shared, so if you rage, your friend's troops will also rage. The king towers will have a logo in between which is your clan's logo.

The two King Towers

Since there are two king towers, there will be an extra 4 tiles on the arena to fit perfectly. Since it's a 2 versus 2 game mode, the elixir will replenish 85% as fast as 1 versus 1 because you and your partner will have a lot of elixirs altogether.

To stop the game being confusing, on double elixir time the elixir will become slower, 70% as fast! The clan chest will be moved to weekends instead of Monday through Wednesday. There will also be a new Team Clan chest that will alternate with the regular clan chest on weekends.

Balance update

Before we continue, this is not 100 percent approved but here are the possible balance changes coming up on March 24.

"The Lumberjack" will have his health increased by 6% and attack speed will be decreased from 0.7 seconds to 0.6 seconds. Like 'the Lumberjack", the "Dart Goblin" will also have his attack speed decreased from 0.7 seconds to 0.6 seconds. The "Barbarian Hut" will have its lifetime increased to 1 minute and 10 seconds adding an extra wave of barbs and it will also have an 8% health increase.

Either the "Guards" or "Giant Skeleton" will have a 6% damage increase and a 4% health increase.The "Ice Wizard" will have a damage increased by 6%. The "Dark Prince" will have an attack range increased by 20%, which is a lot! The "Inferno Dragon" will have an attack range increased from 4 tiles to 4.5 tiles and his Re-target speed is 0.3 seconds now. The "Bomb Tower" will have his attack speed decreased from 1.6 seconds to 1.4 seconds and his attack range increased by 7% but his lifetime will be reduced from 40 seconds to 35 seconds.

The "Battle Ram" will have a 10% health increase and will do 10% more damage. The "Hidden Tesla" will have its damage increased by 6%, its health increased by 5% and its lifetime increased from 40 seconds to 45 seconds! Lastly, the "Executioner's" stun bug will be removed when he hit others. That's only the Balance changes but there are also more things coming up!