"clash royale", one of Supercell's newest games has come up a great idea to release a new card every two weeks on Fridays. On February 10th the "Battle Ram" card will be released to the game which is the only rare card that could be unlocked one whole week earlier if you competed in the "Battle Ram Challenge". "The Goblin Gang" card will be released to the game on February 24th.

Card Facts

The "Goblin Gang" card is a common card. It will be available from arena 9, which is the Jungle Arena, and up. When you place the card down, six "Goblins" will come.

Three of them are regular "Goblins" with their spiky knives. The other three "Goblins" will come with spears shooting from far range! The "Goblin Gang" card is a combination of the normal "Goblin Card" that costs two elixir to place and the normal "Spear Goblin Card" that also costs two elixir to place but you'll get both for just the price of three elixir!

In the "Goblin Gang" card's description it says, "Spawns six Goblins - three with knives, three with spears - at a discounted Elixir cost. It's like a Goblin Value Pack!" At the tournament standards, a level nine "Goblin Gang" will spawn three level nine "Goblins" and three "Spear Goblins. When you place the card down it will take one second for the troops to start moving and attack.

If you have any questions I hope this video can help you.

Video Facts

In the video it showed the "Goblin Gang" in action with the "Spear Goblin" behind the normal "Goblins" shooting the the tower dealing a lot of damage if mirrored and then cloned. This is changing it from six "Goblins" to twelve and then depending of how much troops were in the cloning range it could be around twenty-four.

Also in the video Nickatnyte explains that this card can be countered easily with "zap", "log", "arrows", and more! This is making the card more balanced and not really hard to counter. "Zap" and "Log" would be the best counters since both the "Zap" and "Log" cost two elixir which is less than the "Goblin Gang" card for positive elixir trade. Hope this help and remember to keep in touch with the next "Clash Royale" updates. #Clash Royale #Goblin Gang