The MacBook Pro 2016, the forthcoming flagship of Apple’s laptop family is a hotly anticipated premium laptop.

If reports are accurate, there is a good chance that Retina MacBook Pro 2016 will be hitting the market soon.

There are many reasons why the eagerly anticipated device from the Cupertino giant is a good buy for consumers who are seeking a sleek but powerful laptop.


The next upgraded versions will boast the most modern and powerful Skylake processor which consumes less power without compromising performance.

Most high-end laptops feature this processor, and Apple will not settle for anything less.

Computing speed is expected to increase 30 times as compared to its predecessor. Since the processor consumes less energy, battery life will also get a boost.

Cellular 4G connectivity

Falling 4G costs makes it possible that the next iterations could be 4G compatible. There were rumors that MacBook could have 4G features with an external antenna.

However, the sleek design makes this unlikely. It is also rumored that Apple will make its latest laptop 4G compatible via the thin outer shell of the device.

OLED Screen

The next generation of sleek laptops will have a Touch ID feature.

The most recent biometric technology or fingerprint recognition abilities will augment laptop security and is available in many Apple devices such as iPhone 5s, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad mini 3. It will have a screen with 2304x1440 resolutions.

Physical design

The next Pro version will sport a sleek ultra-thin look and will feature a new hinge design created by Amphenol.


The Butterfly key mechanism could see a return of in the next version of Pro 2016. The new mechanism was used in the older versions.


Both AMD and nVidia are on the threshold to introduce new GPU products in 2016. It could make their way to the next iteration of Pro, along with other Mac products.

Mac fans were eagerly awaiting an upgrade by the Apple’s 21 March event, but they will not have to wait longer.

So we can expect the new MacBook Pro at WWDC 2016 in June.