Nebraska Huskers’ fans could be slowly turning on their team after their latest defeat. After a two-week break, Nebraska players finally took the field for their second game of the year against Northwestern. While many fans expected the Huskers to pick up their first win of the season against their undefeated opponents, Northwestern pulled out the upset and held on for a 21-13 victory. After the narrow defeat, Nebraska fans took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the players and head coach Scott Frost.

Huskers dominated Northwestern despite the loss

Despite dominating the game against Northwestern, Nebraska couldn’t come up with the win. The Huskers had 28 first downs while their opponents only had 14, but the team’s eight trips to the end zone only yielded 13 points. Fans have now questioned the effectiveness of Coach Frost’s dual quarterback system.

Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey both took the field on Saturday, but neither player threw a touchdown pass during the game.

Martinez was the team’s leading rusher with 102 yards from 13 attempts, and he added 127 yards in the air after completing 12-of-27 passes. On his part, McCaffrey rushed for 49 yards and completed 12 passes for 93 yards. Despite the production from both quarterbacks, Nebraska kicked two field goals and running back Dedrick Mills scored the team’s only touchdown.

Fans have urged Coach Frost to ditch his dual quarterback system

Interestingly, McCaffrey was the quarterback on the field as Nebraska tried to even the score during the final seconds of the game.

His attempted pass to Wan’Dale Robinson fell incomplete and ensured that Northwestern clinched the victory. A section of Huskers fans now feels that Coach Frost will have to review his dual quarterback system. The fans took to Twitter to blame the third-year head coach after the loss, slamming him for failing to put his players in the best position to succeed.

Fans have now threatened to boycott Nebraska’s remaining games if Coach Frost fails to adjust his offense. Many spectators feel that he should make up his mind and pick the first choice starting quarterback in the remaining games so that his offense can find more rhythm and consistency.

It will be interesting to see how Coach Frost reacts to the increased disapproval of Nebraska fans. The team now has a 0-2 losing record, and there will be pressure on the players and the coaching staff to put up better performances.

Coach Frost has insisted that playing Martinez and McCaffrey at quarterback in the same game will give his team the best chance to be successful. However, after another loss, the third-year head coach may have to rethink his approach to the offense and pick a permanent starter at the quarterback position.