Nebraska college football fans are still reeling from their team’s shocking loss to Minnesota. The Golden Gophers were missing 33 players after dealing with a coronavirus outbreak for the past two weeks. Nevertheless, the team held on to defeat the Huskers 24-17 at the Memorial Stadium. After the game, several media analysts blasted Nebraska’s head coach, Scott Frost, for overseeing another inconsistent season.

Nebraska: on wrong end of another debatable decision in Saturday’s loss to Minnesota

According to 247 Sports, during Saturday’s loss to the Golden Gophers, Nebraska Huskers had another slow start to the game and fell behind 10-0 in the first quarter.

The players responded by scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter to take a 14-10 lead.

However, a controversial targeting call against Taylor Britt led to his ejection and handed Minnesota a fresh set of downs at Nebraska’s 7-yard line. The Golden Gophers scored a touchdown to take a 17-14 half time lead, and they would add another seven points late in the game while Nebraska Huskers could only manage a field goal in the second half.

Media analysts feel Coach Frost is responsible for team’s inconsistency

Despite the contentious officiating call that went against Nebraska, several media analysts took to social media to blame Coach Frost for the team’s latest loss.

The pundits argued that the third-year head coach should be held accountable for the Husker’s inconsistency. One media analyst pointed out that Coach Frost has an 11-20 record in his three seasons with the Huskers, while the team’s previous head coach, Mike Riley, had a 19-19 record after three years. Several fans have also criticized Coach Frost for Nebraska’s loss to Minnesota since their opponents had not played for more than two weeks because of their Covid-19 outbreak.

After securing the win, the Golden Gophers mocked Nebraska on social media by thanking the Huskers for bringing back Big Ten football. Coach Frost and his players were among the most vocal opponents to the Big Ten’s earlier decision to cancel its season in August. Even though the Huskers eventually succeeded in overturning the resolution, the team has underperformed in this year’s eight-game season, and the pressure on Coach Frost is set to increase heading into the offseason.

Last week, Nebraska’s athletic director, Bill Moos declared that the former UCF coach would be back next year.

Moos offered his support for Scott Frost by arguing that he had improved the program despite the poor results on the field. However, a growing number of Huskers fans are growing impatient with the apparent lack of improvement by the team’s players. After another disappointing loss, some media pundits believe that Coach Frost’s dream job is turning into a nightmare.