Nebraska basketball fans are a bit nervous about a recent tweet by Cam Mack. That tweet has some thinking the star point guard is going to be leaving the Huskers after just one season. The guard, who was a JUCO transfer this year, was one of the biggest gets of Fred Hoiberg's first recruiting class. After spending most of the summer and fall talking about the chance the Nebrasketball team could surprise everyone and be a contender, that absolutely has not panned out.

The Huskers are currently playing out the string on one of the worst seasons in the program's long history of mediocrity.

They are also, currently, in the middle of a school-record 14-game losing streak. That streak was recently punctuated by a loss to lowly Northwestern thanks, almost entirely, to the team making just eight of 30 free throw attempts. Mack contributed to that by missing all three of his free throw attempts.

With the season having gone as poorly as it has, it makes sense Mack might want to see if he can play his final season of college ball somewhere that could possibly get him into the NBA, or at least contend for the postseason.

Nebraska basketball player thanks Lincoln and fans freak out

On Sunday, Mack tweeted out a short but sweet message. This was the day after the Huskers finished their final home game of the season.

The message was simply, "thanks Lincoln," followed by a heart emoji.

The first response to the tweet was "I think he's gone." There were other Twitter users who voiced similar sentiments. Another user claimed Mack had said, long ago, he was planning on being "one and done" and trying his hand at the pros after a single season in college ball.

Others tried to point out there was still a season to play and that the tweet might have just been a way to thank the home fans for coming out to watch a team that has won a total of seven games so far.

Student-athlete pushes back on leaving Nebraska basketball theory

If there are any Cam Mack tweets that might indicate it's not all about basketball for him, and that going pro early isn't in his future, it's the fact that he managed to be one of six Nebrasketball players to make the honor roll.

He was also the only starter on the team to get that honor.

The point guard was clearly proud of the distinction, quote tweeting the news and adding the caption "student-athlete."

Cam Mack stands out at point guard for Nebraska basketball

While Nebraska struggled mightily this season, there's very little doubt things could have been much worse, if Cam Mack hadn't come along. Not only is he the only player in the program's history to record a triple-double but he averaged 12 points and 6.4 assists per game, to go along with 4.5 rebounds per contest.

While there are things to improve, including his shooting percentage at every facet, Hoiberg and the Nebraska coaches have made it clear he's a special player they want to see a return for the 2020-2021 season.