The good news has been rolling in for Nebraska basketball fans this week. The Huskers have gotten commitments from Haanif Cheatham, Matej Kavas and Cam Mack, with Mack committing to Nebrasketball just last night. One piece of news fans are still waiting on is whether or not Isaiah Roby will be coming back to Lincoln next season. Those hopes might have taken a bit of a hit on Saturday night as the Husker forward said he had been invited to the NBA combine.

College basketball has always been a bit different from college football in that anyone who declares for the draft can retain their eligibility.

They can basically dip their toes in looking at going pro and then decide they would rather stay in school. Nebraska has had to deal with the wait and see of it all over the last few years.

Nebraska basketball and wait and see

Last year it was James Palmer Jr and Isaac Copeland that the Nebraska basketball fans were waiting on. When both players announced they were coming back, it was supposed to be the beginning of one heck of a run to the NCAA tournament. Obviously, things didn't go as planned, as Tim Miles was fired and Fred Hoiberg was brought in to right the ship.

The problem with comparing Palmer and Copeland last year, and Isaiah Roby this year is that the Huskers' Junior appears to be a bigger prospect in the eyes of the NBA.

That invitation to the Combine is something that never came for Copeland or Palmer.

Roby return could mean tournament run

The bottom line is that if the Nebraska basketball team could get Roby to come back for one more season, it could mean that the Fred Hoiberg rebuild moves quicker than people expect. The former Iowa State coach is doing what he was known to do with the Cyclones.

He built that program up by liberally recruiting grad transfers and JUCO prospects. He's already done the same in Lincoln. While the Huskers have lost talented players like Thomas Allen and Nana Akenten, they have already replaced scoring Nebraska was going to lose out on with these new transfers.

What the Cornhuskers don't have on next years' roster is much in the way of experience playing in the Big Ten.

With the departures of Palmer, Copeland, Glynn Watson and Tanner Borchardt due to graduation, Roby would be the only returning starter from last season.

Talent is certainly important for the Huskers. Having some idea of what is needed to win in the Big Ten is important as well. Even with a roster of incoming veterans, they are not veterans in the conference. Nebraska basketball fans will get some very big news over the next month as Isaiah Roby has to decide whether or not to go through with the NBA draft by May 29. If he doesn't withdraw before that, he's officially gone.