Thomas Allen likely got news he didn't want shortly after the Nebraska basketball season officially ended. He was ready to step up and play another season for Tim Miles during the 2019-2020 season. The Miles was fired and it didn't take Allen long to determine that he didn't want to stick around and play for Fred Hoiberg. On Sunday, Allen announced a final going away present from the Miles era.

It appears that an ankle injury that saw the guard miss the end of the regular season was quite a bit worse than he originally believed. Allen announced he was going to undergo surgery next Wednesday to repair the joint he had been hoping would heal up on its own.

MRI reveals something worse

Thomas Allen announced the latest happening on his official Twitter account. "After three months I finally got an MRI last week on my ankle and found out I have to have surgery on Wednesday, everything happens for a reason. I know I will come back better than I was before putting it all in God’s hand."

It has to be incredibly frustrating for Allen, who was likely wondering why in the world it was taking so long for his injury to heal. It also doesn't a particularly favorable light on the Huskers and their athletic training staff. Of course, it's possible that the same group would have suggested before now that Allen get another look at the ankle if he had remained a member of the Nebraska basketball team.

What is well known is that the guard isn't happy that his recovery has been hampered. He also isn't particularly happy that there were some who doubted his toughness or dedication to the game when he was sitting out hurt. After the initial tweet where he announced he needed surgery, he made sure to call out those who had been doubting his drive.

"I know a lot of people was questioning my toughness and was saying I gave up on the team. For the people who was with me know the hours I spent every day in rehab trying to get back on the court. I honestly could not go & be effective on the court." He said.

Allen closed his tweets with one final missive, saying he knew he didn't have to explain himself but he wanted to make it clear that it was never a situation where he gave up on the Nebraska basketball team.

From the Big Ten to the ACC

Not long after Allen announced he wasn't going to be playing for the Cornhuskers, he announced his new base of operations is going to be North Carolina State. He was going to have to miss some time because he had transferred out anyway, so the silver lining of his injury setback is that it doesn't appear as though he is going to miss any time on the court. One can only hope that the former Nebraska basketball star will be able to recover from his surgery and be an effective player for the Wolf Pack. Maybe the Huskers will even butt heads with him in the NCAA tournament some day.