While Nebraska football players usually make the news thanks to their on-field exploits, one walk-on commit is becoming quite famous for who he hangs out with, off the field. Elliot Brown, a prospect out of Elkhorn who signed with the Huskers this winter has been spotted all over the social media pages of pop singer JoJo Siwa and that has led to quite a bit of tongue wagging about whether or not the pair are officially dating.

While Cornhusker fans might not be familiar with the young singer, it's clear she's an up and comer who has been in the spotlight quite a bit recently.

Articles in publications like Hollywood Life and Seventeen Magazine have all written about the young man, who is still largely a mystery man to most of the country.

A word of caution, if you want to dismiss Siwa as someone you've never heard of and therefore isn't that big a star, keep this in mind. Elliott Brown currently has more than 18,000 followers on Instagram. Ask yourself the last time a walkon for the University of Nebraska had that big a following on social media. Starters and stars for Nebraska can certainly get those kinds of numbers, but guys who haven't played a down and haven't gotten a scholarship aren't often warranting that kind of following. When you consider he has just 748 followers on Twitter, it's not hard to draw conclusions on just why his social media followers on one platform are so much bigger than the other.

Nebraska prospect living in the spotlight

There is something to be said for a kid who flew under the radar outside of Elkhorn for most of his football career, being in the limelight the way Brown is. The pictures of the two Siwa posts on social media don't show a kid who is afraid to be on camera. It's possible that kind of personality can translate well to trying to earn a scholarship and some playing time for Nebraska.

The Nebraska connection

If you're wondering how a walkon for the Nebraska football team came to hang out with a pop star who rose to fame after appearing on a season of Dance Moms, you're not alone. It turns out the two have a mutual home state. JoJo Siwa - really Joelle Joanie Siwa - was born in Omaha, Nebraska. It wasn't until her dancing skills took her to reality television that she started spending more time outside the state than in it.

It's still not entirely clear how Siwa and Brown came to find each other and neither are talking about if they are just friends. What is clear is that Brown is going to be coming to campus with a better idea of just what it feels like to have a spotlight shone on him much more than most of the kids that will be joining him in the 2020 class. Even those who were big-time high school football stars haven't had the attention Elliott Brown is currently getting.