The Nebraska basketball team is trying its hardest to reel in one of the best players to ever come through the state in Hunter Sallis. The guard has garnered the attention of just about every team in the country but the Huskers are still at the top of his list, according to 247Sports.

Sallis is also still moving up the ranks when it comes to recruiting ratings. While he's long been the best player in Nebraska when it comes to the 2021 class, he's someone who is now becoming the best player in every state, at his position. Currently ranked as the fourth-best combo guard in the class, there are some recruiting analysts who think he will be at the top of the list by the time everything shakes out.

Robin Washut from Rivals said some analysts who work for the site believe Sallis could certainly be the best of the class when all is said and done. He's already reached 5-star status, something very few prospects from inside the state have ever been able to do.

In-state prospects seeing upticks for Nebraska

Earlier this year, analysts were tagging him as the highest-rated player in Nebraska since the recruit rankings were a thing on the Internet. Sallis is not someone who should be taken lightly by Fred Hoiberg and company. He is someone who could and some might argue, is slipping away during a period of time when the program is attempting to rebuild from the ground up.

The football program has been seeing an influx of talent when it comes to in-staters.

The basketball program is too, though it's to a lesser extent. The team has already lost out on Donovan Williams out of Lincoln, it's important for the Nebraska basketball fans' confidence in the new staff to make sure they can lock down Hunter Sallis.

Big schools becoming harder to fight off for Nebraska

If Hoiberg and company are going to haul in Sallis, they're going to need to keep some of the best teams in the entire country out of the Omaha area.

Kansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Marquette are just a few of the offers that have rolled in.

Most of those offers have been coming in relatively recently. It appears Sallis has been getting notice as this season has started ramping up. The question now is whether or not he decides he wants to stay home or try out another state.

That is of course, the worry that Hoiberg and the company are having to deal with now.

There is also the fact the Huskers are suffering through their worst season in decades. Their loss to Michigan State set a new school record for consecutive losses in a single season. That loss even prompted one of the assistant coaches taking to Twitter imploring fans of the program to have a little patience. There would be more patience if the program can haul in Hunter Sallis.