Adam Schefter of ESPN recently reported that the New England Patriots might want veteran quarterback Tom Brady to decide on whether he will stay or not with the team before free agency starts on March 18. According to Schefter, the Patriots are trying to avoid what happened to them last season when tight end Rob Gronkowski suddenly retired after the free-agency period began. Gronkowski’s late announcement caused the Patriots to miss signing big-name tight ends.

In an interview on the “Dan Patrick Show", Peter King of NBC Sports, a known Patriots insider, also spoke against the Patriots’ intentions.

While he understands the Patriots’ position, King said the big problem is if Brady can decide on his future two days before the free-agency period begins. “I think it’s kind of unrealistic,” said King. In an earlier interview with King, Brady hinted that he wants to continue his career with the Patriots.

Patriots should also inform Brady about their free agency moves

If the Patriots are really grateful for Brady’s contribution to the success of the team in the past 20 years, the organization must give him enough time to decide. The Patriots should also inform Brady regarding their free-agency moves on quarterbacks available on the market, like Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill. “There’s a chance meantime that we might, and we’ll let you know, sign Teddy Bridgewater or make an insane offer on a restricted free agent like Taysom Hill.

We might do something else, but we’ll tell you. But we’re not going to wait until April 23rd when you have decided that you’re coming or not coming,” King explained.

If there’s truth to Schefter’s report, King said it would be dangerous if the Patriots want Brady to decide two days before free agency begins. “I think Brady wants to smell the roses.

There’s a reason that he wants to be a free agent. It would defeat the purpose of being a free agent if the Patriots give a deadline before you become a free agent,” said King. Looking in from the outside, King said it looks like the Patriots are pushing Brady away if the report about the supposed deadline is true. Schefter’s report did not sit well with fellow ESPN analyst Stephen A.

Smith, who said that the Patriots should be the first to make an offer to Brady before he decides on his future. King also spoke about Brady’s letter of recommendation to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Patriots an ideal choice for Brady

Rumors have it that Brady could join the Los Angeles Chargers or the Raiders when they move to Las Vegas next season. However, Tom Blair of said staying with the Patriots would be the most logical choice for the 42-year-old Brady.. Blair said head coach Bill Belichick is the ideal mentor to guide and help Brady become the first 43-year-old quarterback to start more than six games in a season. Earlier, several analysts said that the Patriots give Brady the best opportunity to succeed, but they have to surround him with additional weapons.