For Nebraska football fans who haven't been paying attention this summer, Daily Caller writer David Hookstead is a big Wisconsin Badgers fan. He's such a big fan that the idea of Nebraska being a better team than his squad has annoyed him quite a bit.

Considering the number of columns he's written about Wisconsin and the ways he's found to needle Nebraska fans in those columns, some have gone so far as to call him a troll. One Husker fan, who took to a Reddit forum to vent his frustration, called Hookstead a "jackass." This particular slur appears to have caught the writer's attention.

"Well, I knew Nebraska fans weren’t overly happy with me, but I didn’t realize I owned the penthouse in all of their minds rent-free," Hookstead wrote in one of his latest columns.

Taking notice of Nebraska football fans' choice of words

Because the Daily Caller author tends to like negative attention, it's not entirely clear whether he really believes this is the first time such a word has been used to describe him. It does seem as though the insult struck a cord. It moved him to the point where he felt he needed to write an entire column where he basically hurled insults at Husker fans once again.

"I’m not exactly sure what makes me a jackass in the minds of Nebraska fans." He then went on to claim that he was just doing blue-collar things, including taking shots at the Huskers in a very blue-collar way.

This was apparently supposed to illustrate that the insult that is hurled at him was false.

The shine wearing off?

Hookstead goes on to claim the reason that Nebraska football fans lashed out at him is that they're afraid. He goes on to claim that fear is of the team not being as good as national pundits have claimed they are going to be.

He believes the shine is starting to wear off of the program after "months and months" of nonstop hype. He adds that he thinks that Husker fans are waking up to the idea that they are simply not as good as they thought they were going to be.

All of this led up to yet another rant about the Badgers being the better team. Hookstead seems to be trying to will Wisconsin to still be the more talented program.

Some of this is likely in the wake of newly released odds showing the Nebraska football team being even bigger favorites when the two teams meet up in November.

While the writer has claimed that he lives rent-free in Nebraska football fans' minds, it should be pointed out, he's the one who zeroed in on the comments about him in a long subreddit thread. He's also the one that has written not one, not two, but several articles detailing how much he disdains Cornhusker fans and the program in general. It's entirely possible there's some projection going on.