The Kansas City Chiefs could become early beneficiaries of the Washington Redskins' supposed rebuilding phase. The 'Skins are expected to officially begin a kind of rebuilding era as the regular season gets nearer, thanks to several contract disputes and young players being better than their veteran counterparts. Trent Williams, a talented offensive lineman that has been holding out and looking for a trade seems to have sparked all of this. The chance the team might go with rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins seems to have underlined the "rebuild" philosophy.

Now mentions of trading away talented cornerback Josh Norman to the Kansas City Chiefs seems to be the latest hint that the NFL doesn't believe the Redskins are in it to win it in 2019.

Redskins' asking price from Kansas City Chiefs could be small

CBS Sports recently published an article talking about the trades they would like to see before the regular season kicks off. It should be pointed out that some of the trades they are talking about are almost certainly not going to happen. One trade that is mentioned, Josh Norman to the Chiefs appears to be one that is more than a little plausible. According to the site, the return for Norman would be a fifth-round pick. That is a price the Chiefs would likely be more than happy to pay in order to bring one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL to Kansas City.

The website explained the reason they believe Norman could be on the move is because of a desire for the Redskins to shed payroll. "Snyder's front office has reason to purge bloated contracts with Haskins in the fold and the future now a priority, and it's hard to find a contract that fits that category better than Norman's." They go on to explain that Norman is the best corner on the team, but he's also slated to count for $30 million against the cap in 2020.

Norman has also been benched quite a bit during his time in Washington.

The Kansas City Chiefs might be willing to overlook both the potential cap hit and some up and down play from Josh Norman. The team has been working hard to especially upgrade the secondary with players like Tyrann Mathieu.

As CBS Sports also points out, the Chiefs are not hiding their deep desire to do whatever they can to upgrade.

The team just signed Morris Claiborne, despite the fact that he will likely be suspended for the first four weeks.

Backing up claims

While some might dismiss this rumor as nothing more than conjecture, it should be pointed out that CBS Sports isn't pulling their reports out of nowhere. The site also projects Trent Williams will head to the Houston Texans. That particular projection is backed up by a recent report from NBC Sports that also believes that will be the final landing spot for Williams.

That could lend credence to any excitement generated by the thought of Josh Norman eventually becoming a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.