The Cleveland Browns got a bit of a scare, on Monday morning, when young defensive end Chad Thomas had to be carted off the practice field. In a collision with a teammate during practice, Thomas was injured to the point where there was some concern about damage to his neck or head area.

Shortly after the injury occurred, the team had the player carted off the practice field. During that move, they immobilized him in order to avoid any further damage to the injured area.

The good news came just minutes after they had Thomas strapped down, once he indicated he had feeling and could move all of his extremities.

This development was met with very loud sighs of relief from his Cleveland Browns teammates who were likely having nightmare scenarios play in their heads.

Jarvis Landry speaks on his Cleveland Browns teammates' status

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry emerged as a kind of team leader during his time with the Browns. It's not surprising, then, that he was one of the first the media went to, after practice, to get reactions to Chad Thomas' injury.

Landry seemed more than a little relieved that the defensive end could feel and move all of his arms and legs. "At the beginning, he wasn't really moving and then he started to begin to move his legs a little bit and move his arms. He acknowledged Joel (Bitonio) and the trainers as they were talking to him, so we knew that was a good sign but that's what we've got." Landry said amid a media scrum.

Joel Bitonio was asked about what he saw immediately following the injury and he largely echoed what Landry had said about thinking Thomas was ok but that it's too early to say for sure, one way or the other.

"We kind of saw him moving around out there, so, we were hoping it wasn't too serious. But anytime they bring the stretch board out and put someone down, it's great to hear that he's moving and they're just doing extra tests to make sure everything is ok." Bitonio said.

The seriousness of the injury won't be known right away

While Cleveland Browns players are breathing a sigh of relief that Chad Thomas was able to move everything, right after the injury, there is always a concern that new problems can develop. There is also the obvious chance that moving before he was immobilized wasn't the best course of action if there was trauma to the spine.

As the players have pointed out, the Cleveland Browns are currently running tests on the former third-round pick. The hopes from many are that he'll find a way to get back to practice as soon as possible, but no one on the team is going to be looking for him to be rushed back. All NFL teams take trauma to the neck or spine about as seriously as an injury can be treated in the league.