The Nebraska football team has plenty of people who think they are going to turn the corner in 2019. After two straight 4-8 seasons, there are plenty of analysts who believe Scott Frost is going to work the same kind of magic that helped him turn the UCF Knights around from 0-12, to 13-0 in two seasons.

While there are those out there who believe the Huskers are about to become very, very good, there are others who seem a bit annoyed at all the love Nebraska is getting. That includes Daily Caller reporter and apparent devoted Wisconsin Badgers fan David Hookstead.

Nebraska football not loved by all

Hookstead first started ranting about the Cornhuskers on Twitter, after reading an Athlon article about how Nebraska might be the favorite to win the Big Ten West. "Nebraska was once a proud football program. Now, they're a joke in the Big Ten. Despite that fact, some want you to believe they can beat Wisconsin. There's a better chance I'm married to six models by tomorrow than the Cornhuskers beat the Badgers." Hookstead said on the social media platform.

There were plenty of Nebraska football fans who saw what Hookstead was doing for what it was.

One particular Husker fan even took a shot at just how respected and established the Daily Caller is.

The publication is known as a right-wing organization. That means there are some who take it less than seriously.

It was when a current Nebraska football player noticed the comments and decided to offer up a comment of his own.

Mo Barry claps back

Nebraska football linebacker Mohammed Barry eventually noticed the comment by Hookstead and he made sure the author knew he had noticed as well.

The comment, "keep that same energy buddy," wasn't particularly hostile or beyond the pale.

It was actually low key enough that plenty of Husker fans noticed that it practiced quite a bit of restraint when you consider the writer was claiming that Nebraska is now a "joke."

After Barry clapped back at Hookstead, the Daily Caller writer wrote an actual column basically proclaiming that his attempt at trolling had worked. The headline of the article was actually, "ALL-BIG TEN NEBRASKA LINEBACKER MOHAMED BARRY TELLS ME TO ‘KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY’ AS FEUD CONTINUES TO ESCALATE." Yes, the headline was in all-caps.

Yes, he really said, "the feud continues to escalate." If there wasn't a reason to believe that Hookstead was trying to troll Nebraska football, and rather pathetically to boot, then it was more than obvious with that article.

A look at the writer's portfolio shows a man who covers sports and entertainment, so this isn't a situation where he's not "staying in his lane."

It does appear that he's trying to grow his profile by going after Nebraska football and its fans.