An Anthony Davis trade may materialize in the coming days between the New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers. With just days until the official NBA trade deadline hits, New Orleans is looking to improve their deal with LA before sending their superstar to them. That could mean some additional players or picks if the Pelicans get their way.

Lakers' original offers for Davis

Recent reports showed off what the Lakers' official trade offer for Davis might look like. The deals that they offered New Orleans so far mostly had either Lance Stephenson or Rajon Rondo in them along with a combination of two of their younger players.

Those Lakers players include Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, and Ivica Zubac. These players could certainly flourish in the right environment. In addition, the Lakers appeared they would offer at least a first-round pick, but not multiple picks in their original deal.

While those NBA trade offers seem great at first, New Orleans wasn't loving them. Apparently, they felt they deserved more for a player of Anthony Davis' magnitude, and rightfully so. Now it's looking like they are prepared to give their counteroffer to the Lakers very soon.

Pelicans' counteroffer for Davis deal

Now there are rumors and reports swirling about the New Orleans Pelicans' potential counteroffer to the Los Angeles Lakers. That counteroffer comes as a response to the reported five different trade packages the Lakers already tried to give them for Anthony Davis. As reported via uncited sources at LA Times, the counteroffer would include two Lakers first-round picks.

In addition, Los Angeles would receive another Pelicans player along with Davis. It's unknown via this report which Pelicans' player that might be.

Now it should be interesting to see if the Los Angeles Lakers will budge on this deal, which will deplete their roster and future picks. However, if the goal is to compete right now with the likes of the Golden State Warriors, adding Davis is a major step in the right direction.

It could also help attract another free agent to the cause this coming summer.

The NBA free agent pool in 2019 includes stars such as Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, and Kemba Walker. Having LeBron James along with two other All-Stars has shown itself to be a winning strategy in previous seasons, and could very well help this Lakers squad get back to title contention.

The NBA trade deadline will arrive on Thursday, February 7 with most of the NBA world waiting to see if a deal happens. If not, there is still a good deal of time for the Pelicans to make a trade with another willing team so that they get what they feel they deserve for their superstar.

Even so, Davis is committed to the Lakers above all other teams, so he's expected to be in the purple and gold jersey at some point in the future.