The Anthony Davis trade situation continues as the Los Angeles Lakers are in desperate need of a second superstar to team up with LeBron James. While the Lakers front office has been doing their best to make a deal happen, so far it appears the New Orleans Pelicans aren't willing to budge. This isn't due to not wanting to trade, but rather the fact that so far, the Lakers just aren't giving them enough in the deal.

Lakers' offers based on certain players

Two specific players have been mentioned in a recent trade offer the Los Angeles Lakers proposed to the Pelicans.

They are veterans Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson. Both players would bring some quality veteran leadership to the team. In fact, Rondo has been a member of the team before and came over to LA in a deal involving Julius Randle.

That's not all the deal would involve, either. According to Shams Charania's recent tweet, there would be several "young players" also included in the deal. It's unknown which Lakers players those are, but it could mean a combination of Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, Ivica Zubak, and Brandon Ingram. Reportedly, any deal would involve "two young players" included.

Apparently whichever deal is being offered isn't quite enough for the Pelicans just yet, though.

The Pelicans made it clear what they want for Davis. The team is most likely interested in several players, and some future draft picks, preferably in the first round. Additionally, New Orleans may want to find a way to get some salary cap relief out of the deal to help them with adjusting their roster in the future.

Not much time left for NBA trade

Davis is clearly a top target for the Lakers, although other teams including the Boston Celtics have made their intentions known. While the Celtics want to woo Davis away from their longtime rivals, it's unlikely AD would stay in Celtics green for more than a season at most. That said, he may have to play for whichever team New Orleans feels they get the best offer from.

Davis said he's only committed to one team long-term.

If the Los Angeles Lakers want to make a deal happen this season, they have less than a week. The official NBA trade deadline comes on Thursday, February 7 at 3 PM Eastern Time. They'll have to boost their offers within the next five days in order to, possibly, land Davis for this year's playoff run.

Should they be unable to make a deal for Davis ahead of the deadline, they'll hope for NBA free agency. Anthony Davis seems as if he fully intends to sign with the LA Lakers once his official free agency period begins. The Lakers also realize other star players will be available in the upcoming summer after this season ends.