The XFL teams for 2020 are causing plenty of excitement for football fans as they're eager to find out which cities will be the locations for the first eight squads. Recent XFL rumors have pointed to a few possibilities with one report showing a total of 21 cities registered via XFL as different domain names. However, a newer report is circulating that may have leaked the eight XFL team locations ahead of the big press conference next week.

Eight XFL team cities leaked?

A report has arrived from the professional wrestling news website Mandatory.

They indicate that the XFL's official website,, had a list of all eight team cities available. The cities were reportedly on the website's "Contact Us" page, and include several team locations that are already making the rounds as possibilities. Here are the eight XFL team cities, per the report.

What stands out, from the XFL's 2020 teams locations list, is that there will be two clubs operating in Texas. Also, St. Louis is the only city location on the list which has no NFL team at the moment.

The NFL's Rams were formerly the St. Louis Rams and left the area three years ago.

Keep in mind the report above is based on what popped up on the website. That screenshot going around may show off phone numbers for contacting each football team's head office or support office.

Team names, logos, players next

If the list above holds true, then the XFL will announce those eight city locations on Wednesday, December 5, during a live streaming press conference.

It's scheduled for 12 PM Eastern Time through XFL's Twitter page and website. As far as names, logos, and staff go, that's a different story.

It's unknown if team names are going to be presented at the press conference, but another section of XFL's website may provide a hint. When clicking on "Shop" at the top menu, users are directed towards a page indicating to check back, after the press conference Wednesday, for the first merchandise.

That could mean team names, logos, and color schemes will be there.

It appears that players will be signed for the XFL rather than drafted. XFL already reported plans to sign their first players within the "Q1 of 2019," indicating sometime between January and March. Team rosters will be a total of 45 players each.

The XFL is set to begin playing their new brand of football in 2020. Each team will have ten games on their schedule, and there will be a short postseason. It will feature the top four XFL teams with two each squaring off in two semifinals game, and the two winners meeting for the championship.

The XFL will attempt to make a successful run at a new season after previously failing in 2001. However, Vince McMahon and company's latest vision could be just what disgruntled NFL fans are looking for.