The Xfl rumors are continuing to heat up ahead of an official press conference next week. During that big media event, the league will announce which eight cities will get XFL teams. That has speculation running rampant, as people across the country are hoping for new football teams in their regions. Now, it looks like there is a list of potential teams that has made its way online, thanks to domain name registration details.

XFL registers domain names

The Domain Name Wire website reported on Friday (November 30) that the XFL went ahead and registered a number of different prospective XFL city domain names in different formats.

The site indicates that XFL registered each of the cities in "," "," and "" formats. As an example, that could be,, and for a team in Detroit, Michigan.

By the way, the 2020 XFL league registered many more than just eight cities in these formats. In fact, there are 21 total cities! They include Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/Arlington, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, and Los Angeles. Others are Minnesota, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh. San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington DC, and Tampa Bay are also on the list.

XFL team hints, early speculation

A report surfaced a few days ago that indicated sources had said St. Louis will host one of the XFL teams. Beyond that, there hadn't been any news sites offering reports like that. It's not yet confirmed that St. Louis, Missouri, will have an XFL team, but they do have a football stadium where the NFL's Rams (now in Los Angeles) used to play for many seasons.

However, late on Friday night, a new report emerged via 710 AM ESPN which mentions two more team locations. They cite a report from WWE reporter Brad Shephard saying that Seattle, Washington, will host one of the eight teams. In addition, Washington, D.C. is said to be among the first eight teams, per The Athletics' Pablo Maurer.

Another report floating around the internet involves the hint at another pro football team in the New York/New Jersey region. The speculation comes due to the fact that the XFL press conference, which will live stream next Wednesday afternoon (December 5), will be held at the Meadowlands in Rutherford, New Jersey. While not one of these teams is officially confirmed, it seems to be generating a lot of buzz for these areas. Will these be among the first eight XFL teams, and which other cities will make the cut?