The XFL 2020 season is getting closer by the day. After an announcement earlier this year that the XFL will return in 2020, fans have been anxiously awaiting which cities will have teams. A report indicated that one XFL team city will be the former NFL home of the Rams. Meanwhile, there are seven other cities left for the eight-team league. Based on some major news on Thursday (November 29), the rest of those team locations will be officially revealed next week.

XFL announces city reveal date

On the official XFL Twitter account, they made the huge announcement on Thursday afternoon.

Next week, there will be a special live stream unveiling of all eight team locations. During the stream, they will let fans know which cities will have teams as well as which venues they'll play in for the XFL 2020 "inaugural" season.

The special stream will be available for viewers on the XFL Twitter page. In addition, viewers can go to the XFL website to watch as the live streaming announcement takes place.

It's currently scheduled for 12 PM ET (9 AM PT).

XFL city speculation in overdrive

As mentioned, one report already claims that an XFL team will reside in St. Louis, Missouri. That's the former home of the NFL's current Los Angeles Rams. The report indicated this team will play their home games at The Dome at America's Center.

Beyond that, the city locations are anyone's guess. The XFL fielded applications from prospective city locations over the past months. There had also been campaigns online to try to bring teams to specific cities. Among those were cities such as Columbus, Ohio and Syracuse, New York.

It's possible that the other cities will be in areas that don't necessarily have a professional football team, but that have a large college football presence.

That could mean powerhouse college football regions like Alabama, South Carolina, or Nebraska, home of the popular Cornhuskers football team.

The returning XFL football league is the brainchild of WWE boss Vince McMahon and his associates. Reportedly, McMahon is looking to get more serious this time around and offer a strong competitor against the NFL. That may mean different rules, and policies, which according to McMahon months ago, would include a policy to stand for the anthem.

McMahon attempted to go head-to-head with the National Football League back in 2001 with the original XFL. That lasted just one season, but some say it was due to the fact it was closer to WWE's style of branding at the time.

The newer product could look very different and be taken much more seriously.

The new XFL is set to begin playing games in early 2020. That will leave a full year for cities to develop official names, color schemes, logos, and put together rosters. One has to think that the eight locations announced next week will have a ton of excitement over the coming year or so.

Sports fans, which cities do you think will get XFL teams for the 2020 inaugural season?