The Nebraska football team has renewed their push for Wandale Robinson and it's no wonder why they haven't given up on the all-purpose back just yet. The current Kentucky Wildcats' commit was awarded the 26th annual Paul Hornung award earlier this week. That award is one of four that are given out to the state's players after the high school football season is over. This particular award is given to Kentucky's best overall player. The award shows that there is certainly a very good reason why Robinson is still being pursued by some of the strongest teams in the country.

Wandale Robinson tops off a spectacular season

Saying that the all-purpose back is the best player in Kentucky might actually be a bit of an understatement. He put up the kind of numbers you rarely see, even at the high school level. On the offensive side of the ball, he rushed for 1,973 yards and a grand total of 30 touchdowns. Robinson wasn't just someone who got his yards and touchdowns on the ground.

The Nebraska football target also hauled in 31 receptions for 725 yards and 11 TDs. What makes the kid really special is that as good as he is on offense, he's almost as good on defense.

While most people are projecting him as someone who will likely play a running back (or a hybrid type position in Scott Frost's offense) he also led the team in tackles on defense. Alongside his 119 tackles, he had three interceptions on the 2018 season. Now that he's been officially recognized as the top player in the state of Kentucky, it's no wonder why schools like Nebraska, Ohio State and Alabama are keeping the pressure up.

Nebraska football hopes Wandale Robinson saga has happy ending

There was a time when it appeared Robinson was destined to become a member of the Huskers. The Cornhuskers had seemed to have fought off some pretty stiff competition to get into the Top 5 schools the back was considering. There were even rumors that he had basically decided he was going to commit to Scott Frost and company when he announced his official decision on November 1.

Then there was a last minute reversal which had some people thinking there might have even been something shady at play. There was actual talk that the Huskers might be washing their hands of the player altogether after rumors of pay-for-play surfaced. It's now clear the Nebraska football team has in fact not washed their hands of Wandale Robinson as they took a visit to his home last week. It's clear the Cornhuskers are hoping the Paul Hornung award winner makes Lincoln his final destination.