It's been several days since a heated incident went down between Golden State Warriors stars Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. Fans saw what appeared to be a major blowup between two players on a team that has captured two-straight championships. It seemed to spell the demise of the team chemistry going forth. However, Green seems to believe differently or at least is giving that impression as of days later.

Warriors' blowup between Green, Durant

During a play late in the team's game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Green took the ball after a defensive rebound.

With time running out, he dribbled it up the court, as teammate Kevin Durant was clapping for him to give up the ball for the final shot. Instead, Green ended up losing the ball and the team went to overtime to lose the game.

That resulted in a heated argument between the two players on the sidelines and back in the locker room. It also brought about a one-game suspension, without pay for Draymond Green, for his comments to KD. Reportedly, he called KD a "b---h" several times, resulting in the Warriors opting for a suspension without pay.

It's also believed that some of the argument involved mention of Durant's upcoming NBA free agency decision. However, it's a few days later and things may be back on track. Or are they?

Green comments about the incident

As of Thursday (November 15), Draymond Green is finally opening up about what happened. He spoke to the media from the sidelines about how he felt things will be going forward.

Green said, "Kevin and I spoke. We moving forward." He also admitted sometimes he lets his emotions get the best of him. It seems he's optimistic that he, Durant, and the team will grow from this recent incident. The full statement is seen via the Twitter video clip below.

Even with Green saying that, one has to wonder if he's doing it for the sake of himself, versus the team at the moment.

There are some analysts out there who believe Green might be on the trading block, should Warriors' management feel he and Kevin Durant won't have good chemistry together.

Other analysts feel that Green may have impacted Kevin Durant's free agency decision. There are some people who believe KD is going to head to the Los Angeles Lakers and join his friend LeBron James. However, the Warriors clearly want to keep their star happy, so it should be interesting to see what transpires going forward. Will they keep KD and Green after this season?

Either way, the Golden State Warriors are still considered top contenders based on their collection of talent. They'll play their next game Thursday night against the Houston Rockets.