The Nebraska Cornhuskers are in a bit of a transition mode. They have a young team, but the future is very bright, especially behind freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez leading the way. However, it seems that a former Huskers player isn't too impressed with a current member of the 2018 squad and his lack of interceptions on the season - and it is leading to a bit of a blow up on social media. Adrian Martinez is key to beating Michigan State as well.

All in good fun?

According to Hail, this Twitter war of words began back in September and is still going on today.

It all started when former Huskers defensive back Chris Jones sent a tweet aimed at current Huskers defensive back Dicaprio Bootle.

The tweet seemed rather harmless, as Jones was getting on Bootle for not having any interceptions in Nebraska’s game against Colorado back on September 8. While he didn’t have any interceptions, Bootle finished the game with three total tackles, one solo, two assists, and he broke up two passes in his direction. So, overall, Bootle actually had a great game against the Buffalos. Yet, ending it with no interceptions, seemed not good enough for Jones, who, of course, did what many folks do nowadays, and expressed his opinion on social media.

The back and forth banter died down for over two months, but started up again following the Ohio State game on November 3. Jones quickly pointed out how Bootle still didn’t have an interception on the season, and that followed with the trading of GIFs between the two.

The latest

Now, on to round three!

This time Nebraska recruiter Kevin Ashmos was involved. Ashmos tweeted that he loves both guys, but in this case, he is siding with D-Cap!

No matter how long this tweet battle keeps going on it seems to be all in good fun.

Bootle recently said that “It's definitely friendly. It's nothing too serious.” He also noted that Jones “gets bored” at times and decides he's going to pick at me. Bootle is ready for Jones, who is now a member of the Arizona Cardinals if he decides to come after him again on Twitter. "I have something in the works for him, a personal GIF...t,” Bootle said with a laugh. “Something personal."

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans are hoping that if the tweets happen to start up this weekend when the Huskers host Michigan State it is for great reasons - like three or four interceptions from Bootle and a Nebraska victory over the Spartans! It sure would be a great ending to this story. Start time for this week's game is 11 AM local time.