On Monday (November 12), the Warriors' Draymond Green and Kevin Durant had an intense incident. During the late stages of their game versus the Los Angeles Clippers, Green lost the ball on a play. That led to Durant becoming upset over the way the play ended regulation. The Warriors would go on to lose in overtime, but it appears there is now some drama unfolding in Golden State involving Green and Durant which could impact free agency. It's quite possible that with LeBron James feeling pressure to win in L.A., he'll enlist his good friend KD.

Durant, Green have heated exchange

The arguing started as the Golden State Warriors recovered the ball down on the Clippers' side of the court. Green came away with the ball and dribbled down the court. Rather than looking for Kevin Durant for a game-winning shot, Green kept the ball himself. Green isn't necessarily known for late game-winning shots, whereas KD is. That led to Green losing the ball as time was running out.

After that play unfolded, an unauthorized source reportedly said that many of the Warriors' team members questioned Green's late-game decision. Green continued to stand firm with what he did, though. The arguing started up as the two players went to their bench during a team huddle.

Green and Durant had a heated shouting match ahead of the start of overtime. They'd go on to lose, 121-116, to the Clippers in overtime.

Durant's NBA free agency part of argument

The arguing reportedly continued after the game's buzzer had sounded. It was reported that Draymond Green and Kevin Durant continued to argue in the locker room.

Neither of the Golden State Warriors' star players spoke to media after the game. Durant left the locker room in street clothes, opting to not speak to any of the reporters like he normally does after a game.

A tweet from NBA insider Shams Charania brought up another part of the blowup. Charania's tweet mentions that Green confronted Durant about free agency during the argument.

That comes via unknown sources, who may have insight into the team's blowup.

Kevin Durant is rumored to be seriously considering a move to become an NBA free agent once this latest season has concluded. Early rumors have mentioned the possibility that Durant will go team up with LeBron James as part of the Los Angeles Lakers. Other rumors suggest LeBron wants a trade for the Lakers, but that has yet to materialize.

The other part of KD's decision involves "getting paid" as has been mentioned in a variety of reports.

So could a Kevin Durant to the Los Angeles Lakers move be coming in the summer of 2019? Based on this latest argument, it's quite possible that KD is thinking that over more than before.