The Nebraska football team's coaching staff continues to pinpoint where it has some weaknesses and where it needs to fill some holes. For the last few weeks, the Huskers have been going almost exclusively JUCO. Quite a few of those junior college offers have been for linebackers. Now that they have a lot of new offers for that position group out there, they are looking at shoring up another area of need. High school punter Ben Kiernan is one of the latest members of the 2019 class to get a scholarship offer from the Cornhuskers.

Nebraska football is first in line

Never let it be said that the Huskers will stay away from a prospect because he hasn't been offered a scholarship by other schools. Despite the fact that we're almost to December, Kiernan did not have a division one scholarship offer. That changed, when the Cornhuskers issued him such an offer on Sunday night (November 11). It's not just that Scott Frost and company were the first FBS or Power 5 offer for Kiernan. They were the first school that 247Sports has any knowledge of when it comes to asking the punter to join.

That doesn't mean he's not worthy of a scholarship.

For the most part, I don't think you are going to see a lot of special teams players getting a long list of schools coming after them. There are a lot of punters and kickers across the country. Players are going to get overlooked. Still, it's interesting that Frost and company decided in mid-November it was time to go after a punter and that this North Carolina native was the right target.

Fixing special teams with Ben Kiernan

While the offer to the Raleigh, North Carolina native isn't going to fix the special teams this year, it shows the coaching staff isn't taking the struggles lightly. At the same time, Caleb Lightbourn is going to be a senior next year (assuming he stays). The man who replaced him as the starting punter, Isaac Armstrong, will be in his final season as well.

It's entirely possible Kiernan is getting an offer simply to keep things going when the two punters leave the program.

It's also possible, Jovan Dewitt, and by extension, Frost, are not particularly happy with their options for 2019. One thing the coaching staff has shown is that they are not afraid of giving a job to a new face if the current starter has demonstrated he can't handle the job. For now, Ben Kiernan certainly seems to be excited about the offer from the Nebraska football team. It will be interesting to see if more offers come his way or if he commits relatively soon.