The Los Angeles Lakers started the season with a disappointing record of 4-6. It is one of the worst starts to a season since LeBron James started competing for NBA championships and the Lakers will have to improve quickly if they want to keep the King happy.

There have already been a lot of disgruntled problems floating around Los Angeles, including Magic Johnson having a "come to Jesus" meeting with head coach Luke Walton and LaVar Ball even saying he could coach the team better and that the Lakers need to play his son more if they want to win.

LeBron James has tried to remain patient and said that it is the time for people to trust the process. However, the Los Angles Lakers know that LeBron won't sit quietly for long and if things don't start to move in the right direction, they face a lot of problems if James becomes disgruntled.

With the NBA trade deadline in February, LeBron James reportedly will have a strong hand in any trade talk the Lakers has and there is one big man that James might want to see shown the door if the Lakers don't start winning soon.

Who would LeBron want to be traded?

Colin Cowherd has become one of the top sports analysts for FOX Sports and he has watched LeBron James all season. On a recent episode of The Herd, Cowherd said that there are reports coming out of Los Angeles that claim LeBron is targeting one big man that needs to step up or face a trade.

When LeBron joined the Lakers, it wasn't Lonzo Ball that was seen as the number two superstar on the team. It was instead big man Brandon Ingram, who was supposed to be the next Kevin Love for LeBron to work with. The bad thing is that Ingram hasn't done much this season to prove himself to James.

Brandon Ingram is averaging 15.5 points-per-game and he disappears when the Los Angeles Lakers need him the most.

According to Cowherd, the Lakers will make a big trade in February and if Ingram keeps disappearing James will want him gone.

What does LeBron James want?

LeBron James -- at every stop in his NBA career -- has wanted what Colin Cowherd calls a "little dog." That means that he wants someone smaller who can attack and fight with the heart of a gutsy little dog. He had players like that in Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving. When he didn't have those players (see last year's Cavs), LeBron is not happy.

The Los Angeles Lakers don't have that "little dog" right now. LeBron James never wanted to play with Andrew Wiggins when he had the chance and he won't want to play with Brandon Ingram if the big man doesn't step up his game soon. If the Lakers keep losing, LeBron reportedly wants to ship off Ingram for a "little dog" that can take the Lakers to the next level.