The 2018-19 NBA season will get underway tonight as all 30 NBA teams will begin their chase towards the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. This season is bringing a ton of new questions that only time can answer. Will the Warriors win their third title in four years? Can LeBron James put the Los Angeles Lakers back on the basketball map? Does an Eastern Conference team have a legit shot at winning the title this season? Let’s see what Las Vegas oddsmakers have to say.

Warriors and everyone else

The Golden State Warriors are heavy favorites to once again win the NBA title in 2019 - as in huge favorites.

To make someone minus money at the beginning of the season to win a sports championship of any kind is crazy. Well, that is what most Vegas sportsbooks are doing with the Golden State Warriors.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Westgate Sportsbook has the Warriors listed at -200 to win the NBA title next June. That means for every two-dollars you wager, you win one.

To put that in perspective, the LA Rams are the current favorites to win the 2019 Super Bowl. They are listed at +350, meaning that you win $3.50 for every $1.00 you risk. For the Warriors to be listed at -200 before the season starts makes them totally not worth the risk. Sure Golden State is great, however, anything can happen during a long season and for them to be set at minus money is ridiculous.

LeBron, Lakers make a huge jump

Last season at this time the Los Angeles Lakers were listed at 50/1 to win the Western Conference and 80/1 to win the NBA title. That has changed dramatically.

Even though they have yet to play one game this season, and finished near the bottom of the entire league in 2017 with just 26 wins, the Lakers are one of the favorites to win the NBA title.

Westgate has LA set at +1200 or 12/1, which is incredible for a team coming off such a miserable season. That is the power of LeBron James.

Here is a look at the odds for each team to win the 2019 NBA title.

  • Warriors -200
  • Celtics +500
  • Rockets +600
  • Lakers +1200
  • Raptors +1400
  • 76ers +1600
  • OKC: +3000
  • Jazz: +7500
  • Spurs: +8000
  • Bucks: +10000
  • Wizards: +10000
  • Pelicans: +12500
  • Pacers: +12500
  • Nuggets: +12500
  • Portland Trail Blazers: +15000
  • Timberwolves: +15000
  • Mavericks: +25000
  • Clippers: +25000
  • Heat: +30000
  • Pistons: +30000
  • Hornets: +30000
  • Bulls: +30000
  • Hawks: +40000
  • Knicks: +40000
  • Suns: +40000
  • Cavaliers: +45000
  • Nets: +45000
  • Magic: +45000
  • Grizzlies: +50000
  • Kings: +50000